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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Next sunday

I went to Aso in Kumamoto with my boyfriend. Aso is the place that I love because the air is clear so much. we went to the farmland of Aso. The ilumination was beautiful!!!

Essay5 , Stadying language

I attend this university because I want to study English more. I think that studying language is understanding other culture. In many elementary school try to take in the English class because it is useful in the future for children to study English early. In Japan, they are interested in English education early. Are there effects to study English early for the future of children? Some elementary school have opinion that an introduction of English has objection because teacher has to teach children many Japanese. I hope that many children study English happily.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Book Review 11

I read a book of "Amazon RALLY". David and Brian are motorcycle racers from Enfield a small town in England. Two days later, Brian and David are at the starting line in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. "Go!" the announcer shouts. The Amazon Rally begins. On the first and second day, the roads are good. At the end of the third day, they are in the jungle. The roads are very difficult now. The next morning, the race begins again. They are trying to find the way to Una Una. They didn't know where. I think that they are very afraid. On the top of a small hill, They can see an Indian village below. I suprised that they find an indian village. They met a woman who is a German Scientist. She is studying the plants and flowers in the jungle. The Amazon Rally finished two days later in Manaus. I'm glad that they Brian and David didn't win the rally, but the look happy because they could help indians.

Book Review 10

I read a book of "The missing coins". Both is a very old city un England. Pate and Carla are student at Bath University. They likes this city. They are in a little street behind the Abbey. They find a little shop had old coins and stamps. When they go away the shop, they are suspected that they streal coins by shopeeper. He was very angry because they didn't steal anything. They could find the culprit. It's a woman who worked the shopeeper. This story is very interesting!

Book Review 9

I read a book of "Fire in the forest". Koula saw pictures of a terrible forest on television. She lived on the Greek island of Crete and loved there and its forests. However, she knew those forests were always in danger, especially in the long, hot and summer. At the end of the long summer, the plants and trees always dry and fires started early. I think that protecting the nature and trees are very important because they clean the air we breathe.

Book Review 8

I read a book of "Karen and the ARTIST". Karen's father is Professor Anderson. Karen gets up early and is flying out of Rome tomorrow morning. Rome is the city that she loves most. She met a young boy with pictures in a little cafe of Rome. His picture is beautiful so much.

Essay 2, Favorite movie

My favorite movie I have ever seen is "Romeo & Juliet". When i was a junior high school student, I watched again and again because it's a sad love story. I was so moved by this movie that I shed tears. The heroine of this movie is a boy whose names Romeo and House of Montagyu and a girl whose named Juliet and the House of KYapilet. Both of the House autagonized each other and wasn't cease by war. One day, Romeo and Juliet met in a ball. They attracted each other soon. But, they was very sad because they knew the background each other. When Romeo saw Juliet plead with him for the anguish of love, he felt like running away and confessed her heartily, they sweared to marry. Their love didn't overcome the fight of their countries. And, they choose the death. I want to read the original of this story.

Book Review 7

I read a book of "DARK STREETS". When I looked at the picture on the front cover, this story is someone was stolen a car. A man whose name Tom is going to meet a woman whose name Anna here. He doesn't know her, but he knows her name. She wants to interview him about his job because she is a reporter and he is a police detective. They doesn't like the job of each other. And a young man is trying to stolen her car. Tom catched the young boy. The street aren't dark when catching. And she interviewed him again. "What about this evening? For dinner."

Book Review 6

I read a book of "The Barcelona Game". Barcelona game is Manchester United are playing in Spain on Wednesday. The Hooper got its tickets. The next day is Wednesday. Kev, Trev and Holly fly to Spain. Holly is very happy because Barcelona is beautiful city.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Essay 1, About Me...

My name is Aya Takayanagi. My blood group is A. I think that my character is willful and indecisive, not shy. I'm 21 years old and 4 class in this university. My contellation is scorpion. My hobby is watching movies in my home. Sometimes, I go to the cinema with my friends. Specially my knack is playing the piano and writting a short poem. I had learned how to play the piano for about 13 years. My hair is brown and long. The food I like is noodle and an omelet containing fried one. The singer I respect is Kumi Kouda. she is a Japanese singer. Her words put heart into me. The bland I like is CHANEL because it's design is very cute. A people who I want to respect is that who do your best anything and have a deep feeling for others. What I treasure is my friends and my parents. I was born in Fukuoka. Then, my parents wark together. When I graduated my preschool, My family moved to the house of my grandparents in Saga. At that time, I remember that worried the defference of the dialect of Saga Japanese and Fukuoka Japanese. Now, my family is 5 people. There are grandmother and parents,
a sister. Both my mother and father work. They is very kind and sometimes very angry but my parents always smile, I think I want to be such my parents. My sister go to the Saga North high school and will graduate this year. She belong to the blass band club for about six years. She likes a trumpet and plays it in her club. Her playing is very well. We talk each other about scool, hobby and so on. I love my family so much.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World cup

I watched the match Japan vs Blazil because I woke up early. Japan is lose in the match but it is very interesting!! I was sleeply in that class.

End of semester

End of semester

It's time to do a check of your work this semester. First, the basic assignments.

1. Did you do essay 1 (self-introduction)? YES / NO On time (May 8th)? YES / NO
2. Did you do essay 2 (movie)? YES/ NO On time (May 22nd)? YES / NO
3. Did you do essay 3 (University Life)? YES / NO On time (June 5th)? YES / NO
4. Did you do essay 4 (Website)? YES / NO On time (June 19th)? YES / NO
5. Did you do essay 5 (Studying languages)? YES / NO On time (July 3rd)? YES / NO
6. Have you written at least 11 book reviews? YES / NO How many?

You each used your weblog as a place to do your assignments. But your weblog is also a real weblog! These questions are about that aspect of the course:

1. Did you write at least one post each week that wasn't a fixed assignment (book review/essay)? YES / NO If not, how many weeks did you do that?
2. What's your total number of posts for April May June July
3. How many posts with pictures, a suitable title, and at least two sentences? It's 9.
4. How many posts with links? It's 5 .
5. How often did you comment on other Writing 3 KGU students' posts?
6. How often did you comment on the weblogs of students from other courses or universities?
7. What's the total number of words in your weblog (since the beginning of April)? Use Microsoft Word to calculate this. 2819words

Copy these questions into your weblog and then answer them!



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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This site

I play this site in today's writing class. This site is very fun.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


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World Cup

What country do you think win in the world cup? I think that it is Brazil because it's a kingdam of soccer and has good player. I look forward to the tomorrow match of Japan vs Brazil.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Book reviow 4

I read abook of "Dead Man's Rever". Jones loved Hetty so much. She loved him, too. They promised to marry but her father didn't allow it because Jones was a poor man. He want many money. He heard the speaking of three men in a bar. It said that her father knew the place there were a gold but it was said there were ghosts ,too. Jones didn't be notice by them. He ran behind them, but they still didn't see them. And he helped her father from two men. He imitaged ghost because two men was coming with guns. They suprised and ran away. Her father showed their appreciation by giving him two gold. I thought that Jones is very brave. though her father was scared but he is kind because he allowed their warry.


What I like recently is driving a car. But I can't park!!

My bicycle......

My bicycle was stolen next Monday. I was very very shock!!! I think it back soon.

In Amakusa

I went to Amakusa. Amakusa has nuture so much.


I went to the port of SHINKOU with friends testerday. We played fireworks there. And we went to the Kumamoto airport because I want to see plane but we couldn't see that.